I’m a Principal Software Engineer and proud Tech Lead at Red Hat of Business Automation (Drools/jBPM/Kogito) tooling teams.

Eder Ignatowicz presenting a talk

Currently, I’m driving the execution of the Multiplying Architecture, a set of patterns, techniques, and libraries that, using micro frontends and some innovative backend services, allow for the re-use of the tooling component in different distribution mediums.

Such an architecture enables the Business Automation product line to offer the best native experience of GUI components (Editors and Views) on VS Code (BPMN and DMN), Web (dmn.new and bpmn.new), Desktop, and directly integrated them on GitHub(Chrome Extension).

I’m fortunate to be a Java Champion and speaker in large conferences worldwide, including multiple QCons, Java One, Oracle Code One, Red Hat Summit and Forum, The Developers Conference, and numerous other community events.

I’ve also been part of the QCon Sao Paulo program committee since 2014 and QCon SP conference chair in 2018 and 2019 editions. In 2021, I became part of Program Committee of QCon Plus.