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Kogito Tooling 0.2.9/0.2.8 Alpha Release


We are happy to announce a fresh Kogito Tooling release!

On this release, we did a lot of improvements and bug fixes. We progressed a lot on the DMN/BPMN Editors, delivered a brand new UX for the Online Editor and also improved a lot the ‘native’ experience of VSCode.

Another important milestone achieved is the first experimental release of our extension with the of the new VSCode Custom webview proposed API. In order to give it a try, you will need to download the latest version of VSCode (1.43.0), install the specific extension (vscode_extension_kogito_kie_editors_0.2.8-new-webview-api-release.vsix) and run it with the following command:

In case you don’t want to run VSCode in proposed API mode, for now, we are still packing vscode_extension_kogito_kie_editors_0.2.8.vsix. Included on this release:

DMN Editor Improvements/Bug Fixes

  • KOGITO-964: Run on VSCode all DMN demos published on Kogito examples
  • KOGITO-542 DMN — Format the output XML
  • KOGITO-295 [DMN Designer] Kogito — DMNMarshaller — Integrations Tests on gwt-jsonix-marshallers
  • KOGITO-936 Analyse why editor increased the artifact size
  • KOGITO-778 [DMN Designer] Client-side marshaling tests
  • KOGITO-841: Documentation Links popup is not readable in DMN VS Code Extension
  • KOGITO-1155: Fix Kogito examples with namespaces from other vendors
  • KOGITO-1156: [DMN Designer] Documentation — Buttons (Download, Print) do not work on VSCode
  • KOGITO-1157: [DMN Designer] New models must be named with the file name on VSCode
  • KOGITO-1337 [DMN Designer] Author and filename are always non defined

BPMN Improvements/Bug Fixes

  • KOGITO-631 BPMN files created in VSCode contain invalid id
  • KOGITO-653 Support process type (Public/Private) in Stunner
  • KOGITO-257 — Condition Expression should … only “Expression” option
  • KOGITO-980 Error message adding a condition expression
  • KOGITO-1177 Kogito Quick Starts Scripts / Kafka Examples Spring Boot
  • KOGITO-1191 Kogito Quick Starts Scripts / Timers issue with cancelsActivity

Online Editor Improvements

  • KOGITO-741 Bring Octokit support to Online Editor
  • KOGITO-736 Add link to online editor on GitHub file list
  • KOGITO-740 Update README with development instructions for online-editor
  • KOGITO-734 Remove scroll from pages on both Chrome and Safari
  • KOGITO-860 Add error alerts for when Online Editor fails to open a file URL
  • KOGITO-861 Add a input to paste a file URL in the Online Editor home page
  • KOGITO-932 Implement revised online editor landing page
  • KOGITO-1009 Implement revised online editor masthead
  • KOGITO-737 Opening online editor for the second time doesn’t take the updated name in consideration
  • KOGITO-1280 .new Domain Setup

VSCode Improvements

  • KOGITO-883 VSCode Integration: Make undo/redo work with existing VSCode commands
  • KOGITO-591 — Use new VSCode API for WebView-based editors
  • KOGITO-622 Undo/Redo state control

Chrome Extension Improvements

  • KOGITO-876 — Chrome Extension doesn’t work when the user is not logged in
  • KOGITO-930 Write unit tests for Chrome Extension components

API Improvements

  • KOGITO-622 Undo/Redo state control
  • KOGITO-652 — Provide environment context for Kogito editors
  • KOGITO-862 Support Binary content in ResourceContent API
  • KOGITO-1219 Forms — Ability to flush the form state into the model on demand

Huge thanks for everyone involved in this release ;) ! 💖