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Program Committee Member of QCon Plus May 2021


Last month, I was pleased to be part of the Program Committee Member of QCon Plus May 2021. It was a pleasure to be part of such an incredible group.

QCon Plus 1

It was an incredible experience in two amazing weeks with 97 speakers from some of the world's most innovative organizations and more than 3,000 attendees connecting, learning, and sharing experiences.

As a Program Committee Member, our group is responsible for finding innovators and early adopters technologists able to share content that delivers change and innovation for a seasoned audience.

In this edition, I've championed two tracks:

Architecting a Modern Financial Institution, hosted by Alex Porcelli

Track abstract: Financial institutions are experiencing a radical transformation. From building a disruptive FinTech, able to scale and grow in this competitive landscape to modernize a traditional financial institution, reorganizing how it conducts business in this new era, most of those innovations are enabled by modern software architectures. In this track, we'll explore the architectural and organizational challenges these traditional players and pioneers face as they change up through the gears and alter the face of finance across the world.

QCon Plus 2

Modern Data Pipelines and Data Mesh, hosted by Fabiane Nardon

Track abstract: As data-driven decision-making becomes not just ubiquitous but vital for businesses, new challenges arise to make data available in a sustainable way. The increasing need for quality data, available across multiple teams in a scalable platform, designed with privacy concerns in mind, requires new architectures and techniques.

In this track, we will discuss emerging solutions for creating modern data pipelines that can solve common challenges in today's world of data: data engineering bottlenecks, data pipelines deployment in production, data discover, and more. We will also dive into the concept and application of Data Mesh, a new paradigm do organize and distribute data in an organization.

QCon Plus 3

I want to thank everyone again for this fantastic opportunity, but especially Dio, president at C4Media for the invite, Alex and Fabiane for such impressive tracks, the QCon and InfoQ Team, the Conference Chair Daniel Bryant, and all my fellow PC members!