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Talk@QCon San Francisco 2023


Last week, I had the pleasure of participating in QCon San Francisco 2023! The conference was a blast, and I cannot describe how much I missed speaking for a 'real' audience after such a long time.


Thank Fabiane again for the invitation to give a talk and for inviting me to join a panel in such a great company.

My talk: How Community Engagement Can Boost Your Staff-Plus Career

Here are the slides, recording and abstract of my talk:

How does someone become a successful Staff-Plus Engineer? It is probably a mix of technical skills and having the right opportunities. But what if you don't have access to the best opportunities or the right contacts? What if you didn't study in an Ivy League university or live in a city that does not have a relevant tech scene? How can you learn from the best engineers and access the latest technologies if your current job doesn't give you this kind of opportunity?

In this talk, I'll share the secret that changed my life and paved my path to becoming a successful Staff-Plus engineer against all odds: community engagement.